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What is a Precinct Caucus?

Precinct caucuses are meetings run by Minnesota’s political parties. They are the first in a series of meetings where parties may endorse candidates, select delegates, and set goals and values (called party platforms).

When are the 2022 Precinct Caucuses? 

The 2022 precinct caucuses for District 66 and 67 (see which District you are in here) will be contactless this year - this means you can fill out a form online, it just needs to be submitted by 9pm February 1st!

What Does it Mean to Become a Delegate for Mai Chong?

Your precinct caucus will select delegates and alternates to represent your precinct at the DFL Party Convention.

At the Convention you will vote as a representative of your precinct for the DFL to formally endorse Mai Chong’s Peoples Campaign.

Alternates are important because if a delegate cannot attend, they represent the precinct in their place. 

1. Submit Caucus Form Online

The Mai Chong Xiong for Ramsey County District 6 campaign created a form that asks the exact questions that are asked on the official DFL absentee caucus form. By submitting our form, your responses will be submitted as official ballots to your local party unit. 

If you don't know your district number, please look it up here:

This is the easier way!
2. Paper Ballot

To fill out a paper ballot, please download and print a ballot at the link above. Completed forms may be dropped off in person ONLY on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 between 6:30-9:00pm at the conference room at Hmong Village, 1001 Johnson Pkwy, St. Paul, MN 55106

Please ensure your writing is clear and easy to read. 

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